Weekly Newsletter:

Trend Forecast and Pricing Model:

This module allows to Swiss Marís clients to access on a weekly basis our trend forecast and pricing model for Tanker and Bulk Markets and each FFA route available. Tanker and Bulk Swiss Mar products are delivering around 75% of trend efficiency and a pricing error around 10%.

Risk Management Toolkit:

This module allows to Swiss Marís clients to access through a weekly newsletter to dedicated and tailor-made investment scenarios evaluating high risky FFA routes and defining the best investment strategy.

Monthly Newsletter:

Based on Swiss Mar mathematical algorithms (see other products), Swiss Mar is able to define each month a Shipping derivatives investment strategy both for Tanker & for Bulk markets. Up to now and in order to assess our Portfolio management strategy, please notice that since October 2004 for the Bulk sector and since January 2005 for the Tanker market, each Swiss Marís Portfolio was profitable.

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