Company Profile

Swiss Mar SARL has been created beginning 2004 with main office located in Lausanne (Switzerland). Core activities are focused on shipping consultancy and shipping derivatives products known as freight forward agreement (FFA) and ship valuation (FOSVA). Moreover, the company has already received all Swiss Authorization to act as Freight Forward Agreement broker in Switzerland.

Mission and statements

The team priority is to deliver tailor-made and global investment solutions including physical and derivatives markets. To achieve these objective, Swiss Mar has developed strong partnership with Swiss Federal Institute mathematical department giving a decisive advantage in terms of innovation, efficiency and quality. Well-known established shipping companies already test and use Swiss Mar products.


Swiss Mar Mathematical Analysis allows its clients to anticipate, react both on physical and paper markets. Monthly and Quarterly mathematical algorithms give possibility to speculate with little risks, while Yearly models are essentially used for Physical operating vessels.

Risk Mitigating

Swiss Mar Risks Measures allow to optimize their investment by evaluating risk when needed.

Market Intelligence

Swiss Mar clients do increase their market intelligence by integrating professional financial tools.